This list reports all events that are announced on PhilEvents and which contain any of the following keywords: imposter, imposteur, simulation, simulacre, simulacrum, simulacra, fake, usurpateur, usurpateurs, swindle, forger, faker, veinzen, bedrog, leugen, leugenaar, bedrieger, faussaire, imposteuse.

‘lies’ (1)

  1. Conversation with the author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen (KU Leuven, Belgium)

‘fake’ (4)

  1. CFP: Danish Yearbook of Philosophy
    … injustice, group polarization, epistemic colonialism, fake news, and conspiracy theorizing? The theme of politics …
  2. Conference: SAS22 Trust and Disinformation
    … misinformation, malinformation, malicious rumors or fake news? What are the various effects of disinformation …
  3. Workshop: Misinformation, Expertise and Challenges to Democracy
    … of misinformation on democratic debate. The seeming rise of fake news and conspiracy theories in contemporary politics …
  4. Conference: Technology and Politics
    … Cambridge Analytica and fake news show that one can distinguish several …

‘simulation’ (2)

  1. CFP: Philosophies: The Philosophy and Science of Martial Arts
    … Other topics of interest include the use of mental simulation during shadowboxing, flow experience during …
  2. Conference: Online Experimental Philosophy Workshop: UK X-PHI @ UEA
    … 2022 –            Kathryn Francis (Keele): Virtual ethics simulations: Developing and testing virtual moral dilemmas