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This list reports all events that are announced on PhilEvents and which contain any of the following keywords: imposter, imposteur, simulation, simulacre, simulacrum, simulacra, fake, usurpateur, usurpateurs, swindle, forger, faker, veinzen, bedrog, leugen, leugenaar, bedrieger, faussaire, imposteuse.

We are happy to receive and announce information on relevant events in Europe and the United States. The events may include both real-life and digital formats, ranging from conferences to workshops and CFP’s. Feel free to contact us.


  1. CFP: Corpus Analysis, Conceptual Change, and Socially Disruptive Technologies
    Disruptive Technologies New technologies like AI (deepfakes, large language models etc.) or bio and climate
  2. 2nd International Conference on the Philosophy of Conspiracy Theory
    theory-induced polarization How do misinformation/fake news and conspiracy theories hang together? What’s the
  3. Extreme Belief and Responsibility
    bubble or echo chamber, or living in a society dealing with fake news, propaganda, censorship, polarization,


  1. Metamorphoses of Mimesis: Plasticity, Subjectivity and Transformation with Catherine Malabou
    kinds of contagious influences, affective impressions, and simulations of intelligence while also allowing for
  2. Ethics and Epistemology of Virtual Reality
    his starting point the hypothesis that we are likely in a simulation right now and don’t know it. What is certain,
  3. Memory: The Acquaintance View
    about the two main views about memory: the causal view and simulationism.

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